Wunder coins - our in app currency

These are our in-app currency. Each coin has a real world value of 10p (or local equivalent).

You can earn coins by interacting with advertising content. You can also buy coins or be gifted them. They are then safely stored in your in-app wallet.

Then start spreading the love. Donate coins to any projects, charities or causes on the app that you feel passionate about.

Discover Wunder

Wunder was born from a belief that social media could be a force for good. By showing the amazing ways that people were helping to make the world a better place, others would be inspired to find their own ways to make a difference.

a world of uplifting stories

Our planet is filled with people doing amazing things to make the world a better place. Wunder brings them together to shine a light on their stories and inspire others to support them or create positive moments of their own.

Spend a little time with us and you'll see why good things happen when you Wunder.

It's so easy to be a part of Wunder

It's so easy to be a part of Wunder

Open the app and you can watch, share, give, comment and get involved immediately.

Share your positive moments and news and discover others who are making the world a happier place.

Get involved in good causes

Get involved in good causes

Find projects and charities that you're passionate about, quickly and simply. Donate coins or sign up in the app as a volunteer. One click and you're on your way to making a positive difference to people and the planet.

“Wunder is great news for charities and partner brands. For the first time, young people who spend the majority of their time on social media will also have instant access to an empowered community who love to get involved in local and global causes! Their activity on the platform will provide fast feedback on campaign content for the brands and charities involved. ”

Nick Ede, Charity Campaigner and Brand Consultant