Real people.
Sharing real stories.

Wunder is the world's first fully verified social media platform. An inclusive space for everyone. Except trolls. And bots.

Earn while you scroll

Wunder users can earn Wunder coins, our unique in-app currency, simply by interacting with the app. You can also buy coins or be gifted them from other users.

Each coin has a real world value of £0.10 (or local equivalent). These coins are safely stored in your in-app wallet. They can then be donated to any charity or project that you find on Wunder.

Just by being on Wunder, you can make a difference to our world.

Inspire and be inspired

When you're looking for a burst of positivity, Wunder has you covered. The app is filled with inspirational content that's the antidote to endless doomscrolling. See how other users, charities and businesses are helping the world – and get involved yourself. All with a flick of a finger.

It's time to inspire others – and be inspired – through the world of Wunder.


We partner with brands who share our vision and values of building a better world. If you'd like to get involved, please click here.


We partner with charities and non-profits who are looking to connect with a diverse, engaged audience.

Wunder was purpose built to make giving easier, to drive volunteering and to share positive stories of charities in action.